Asset Management Tools for Canadian Municipalities

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In this open PSD Webinar, learn how PSD's asset management tools integrate with and enhance your municipality's asset management processes. Municipalities are in need of advanced tools to not only coordinate asset management decision-making, reporting, and implementation across departments, but also streamline and automate ongoing activities as TCA inventories are updated and assets are maintained, rehabilitated, replaced, and disposed of. PSD's suite of web-based asset management tools are designed specifically for the needs of Canada's local governments - both large and small.  

This webinar will feature presentations of the following analytical tools:

  CityWide® Asset Manager    

CityWide® TA is a web-based, industry leading TCA compliance and asset management module. This application provides municipalities with a complete asset registry for all asset types. All TCA financial reporting is easily handled through default reporting engines. Key asset management features include lifecycle planning, condition assessment, risk analysis, levels of service, and project prioritization.

  CityWide® Works                                

CityWide® Works is a web based, work order/work flow application designed to enable public works departments to prioritize, schedule, and track projects. In addition, CityWide® Works calculates resources utilized, inventory consumed, as well as direct and indirect labour. The application integrates with CityWide® CPA and other TCA financial applications.

  CityWide® GIS    

CityWide® GIS serves as a repository for spatial data that is served up to an associated web-based viewer, with potential to draw from, and serve, third party systems. Key design principles include an intuitive interface with high visual impact, to produce demonstrable maps while maintaining the required internal functionality that an organization needs. It is designed to function as a standalone system or together with existing client systems. CityWide® GIS is also configured to include import and migration capabilities for clients with an existing GIS solution.


Multiple Dates and Times Available